Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wolf Gang - Something Unusual

Photo via MGMason Photography
Today I had to turn my chair away from the window to avoid making awkward eye contact with the window washer. It got me thinking of how much I would enjoy being a city window washer and I came up with a list of pros:

  • outside job 
  • casual clothes
  • It's not weird that you get to look into people's offices and apartments 
  • no work on rainy days
  • headphones are OK 
  • city wide views
  • so many opportunities to freak people out
  • most exciting of all is repelling down tall buildings
  • Endless amounts of fun 

While I struggled to find cons people were kind enough to point out that falling, death, and injuries are the obvious ones. I think the pros win out. I used to make my own harnesses out of dog leashes (usually I tested them out on my younger sister first and used them to to pull her up into trees) you know I'm safe and handy when it comes to ropes. I enjoy rock climbing, and I've always been intrigued by the illegal sport of building scaling and this ladder sport/pomparkour. I think window washing is a good fit for me. It's a completely underrated profession. I bet you never thought about window washing like that, I didn't until today and now my mind has been blown.

Anyway, that's my something unusual for the day. Thankfully Wolf Gang sent over a song off of his upcoming album, Suego Faults, to be released June 27th that I was able to tie in with window washing. If you were looking for real words on his music you can read the post I did on his other fantastic song "Back to Back" last week. But this song is fun too, "a silent cry to be something unusual" is a line that's going to stick with me all day.
 Wolf Gang - Something Unusual by wolfgang

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