Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dastardly - Middleground

Doesn't this band sound like they'd be oodles of fun to see live? Kind of like the type of band that you want to buy shots for and hang out with after the show? I absolutely think so. Plus, they're an americana band that plays the accordion, which is always easy to love. Luckily, it just so turns out that Dastardly is on an east coast tour. They even happen to be playing at 10pm tonight at The Milky Way in Jamaica Plain. If you're in the Boston area and recovered from the Bruins celebrations, I highly suggest checking out this Chicago band.
How can you not love a band that sings "I'm not pretty enough for the mainstream, I'm not weird enough for the underground"? The entire song is chock full of honest lyrics about being an unrecognized small band. "But I want to be a music star instead of playing shitty bars where audience's never seem to come to me." Despite the playing in shitty bars, these types of bands always seem to put on the best shows.

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