Thursday, June 16, 2011

The place where music makes you happiest...

Sometimes songs fit the moment so flawlessly that they can trick you into thinking your life is a movie being perfectly soundtracked. For instance, imagine you took an unexpected detour and sat by the water where you can watch the planes fly in and have a perfect view of the city. Maybe it looks like this:
Perhaps you're having one of those days where you can't tell if everything is falling into place or falling completely apart. You're anxious and weary, but the weather is so perfect you know you need to sit and take it in for a moment. You tilt your head away from the sun and look across the water. The breeze whispers through your earbuds as a new song begins and you can feel yourself breathing for the first time in days. The questions and concerns rattling around give way to the embrace of the sun that wraps its rays around your body, and you can faintly make out the sound of gentle waves lapping at the rock barrier. The air smells sweet and briny like your favorite oysters. Your grateful inhalation of ocean air reminds you that you've been holding your breath for too long. The song comes back into focus with the lyrics "I hate feeling like this" at the exact moment you were thinking those very words. The perfect alignment of song and moment feels like a sign that things are actually falling into place just as they should. Maybe you wish just a little bit that this picture perfect moment of self-reckoning was caught on camera. Now each time you hear the song, you'll be reminded of the very second when life felt like it was just getting started.

Then some more songs play and you're brimming with love for that inexplicable link between music and life, because there is nothing like hearing your feelings sung back to you. Sometimes one song makes the day feel brand new again. Maybe, just maybe, it all sounds something like this. Can you imagine that?
"It's like loving 'Graceland' 
it's not allowed to be, but we know it's everybody's favorite 
deep down in the place where music makes you happiest 
in the place where my heart is a drummer"

Huge thanks to Dead Journalist for the I Low find.

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