Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something old...

I'm busy this week catching up on concert reviews for Sunset in the Rearview and I'm finally back to my concert going self, seeing no less than four this week. I saw Bell X1 last night (pictured above) and it took me back to the days when I loved just about every song featured on Fox's hit show The O.C.--Bell X1's "Eve, You're The Apple of My Eye" being one of them (they did play it last night). Hearing it again reminded me of other bands from that era of my music obsessions: Doves, Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, Rogue Wave, Modest Mouse, Kaiser Chiefs, get the idea. One of the songs I listened to obsessively back then was Metric's "Police & The Private". Just to jog your memory and brighten your day, I think you should hear it too.

You can also stream all the O.C. mixes HERE. They really did the music well for this show so don't knock it before you try it. Many of the bands they featured became fairly big indie success stories and are still thriving today. 

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