Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snakes - Whole Bunch of Chicken ft. Pearl & the Beard

I only allow myself to buy one lunch meal a week and usually that means I get Friday's special buffalo chicken salad wrap from my local deli, which comes loaded with extra chicken. As I sat down to eat stuff my face with the sandwich, I got an email with a song called "Whole Bunch of Chicken" I got a little over excited, and was also wondering who was spying on me.
This song is a stomping and clapping laugh fest. It's not the kind of song you roll your eyes at, but rather the one you want to memorize the lyrics to so you can whip it out any time you're cooking chicken...unless you're a vegetarian I guess. The addition of Pearl & The Beard's harmonies really make it worthwhile. So "throw your hands up if you like chicken" and have a listen.

Name your price on bandcamp.
Visit Billy & Adam's website too.

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