Friday, August 26, 2011

Wild Child - That's What She Say

When I was 14 I drew what I wanted for a tattoo. It was the outline of a whale that had "wild child" written in small cursive letters coming out the spout with an infinity sign. Thankfully I never got the tattoo, but I still have the drawing, and a soft spot for the words 'wild child'. I came across the band Wild Child when I was perusing one of Austin's venues, Emo's, and had to find out what type of music a band with that moniker would play. Turns out it's wonderfully addictive indie pop. I love the sweetness of the ukelele in some of the songs, but the best parts are their voices and heartwarming harmonies. Their debut LP is due out this October. You can get a free download when you visit their website.
Find out more: Facebook // Website // Soundcloud

 03 That's What She Say by WildChildSounds
 Whiskey Dreams by WildChildSounds


  1. the best band in austin right now (in my opinion)


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