Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Creepy Crawlies - Get Buried!

It's never fun to wake up early with a stress induced sore throat but then sometimes there's music to compliment that feeling and it makes the four hours of sleep a little more bearable. Early this morning I was lucky enough to come across The Creepy Crawlies' EP. Slipping into The Creepy Crawlies' music is an effortless task as the back and forth vocals of Chris Donlon and Kate McLean suck you in. And then there's the lyrics in both "Get Buried!" and "Not Thinking" that tell you to put the anxiety ridden thoughts away. It's a little bit jangly, a little bit shoegaze, and an odd mixture of bedroom and garage pop. I guess it's whatever you want it to be, so have a listen.

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