Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sun in September

I remember just two weeks ago, the first of September and how the air already felt different. We've had some warm days but it's not the sun of the summer beating down. Instead, it's gentle, refreshing, and makes you look forward to fall.
Having misplaced my usual ipod, I've had to use my backup that is synced with an older itunes library. I haven't listened to much of that music that resides on a back up hard drive, so it was a nice change of pace when I went walking through the city on a perfect sunday afternoon with an older set of tunes. Of course by being a music blogger, my sense of time is warped and "older" just means early 2011 songs.
The songs that played fit every city block I crossed to near perfection. The way the light was coming through the tree lined streets of the brownstone neighborhoods was mimicked in the notes swirling through my ears. My pace was determined by the music and it guided me the five miles home as I zig zagged through neighborhoods. So here is a playlist similar to the one I heard that day, with a few newer songs thrown in. It pairs nicely with the softer September sun and a good long walk.
Listen/Stream: Spotify 
Download ZIP: Mediafire 

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