Monday, October 31, 2011

Tyler Lyle - Medusa (: Persius :: Atman: Brahman)

So these three songs from Tyler Lyle are all sorts of awesome, which I was only able to find out after I managed to stop playing the first track on repeat. A few weeks ago some of my more folk music forward friends were singing his praises, I had a listen and I think I forgot to decide whether I liked it or not. Now, this different batch of songs is more urgent, noisy to just the right degree, and then there's cuss words, werewolves, and all sorts of monsters. It's utterly wonderful, a bit lonely, and feels just right for today and the uncertainty many of us are living with on different levels.
Tyler also wrote a note about where these songs came from and it is every bit worth reading on his bandcamp page where you can also stream and download (name your price) the three songs which are very much worth a few of your dollars. 

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