Friday, November 11, 2011

The Belle Game - Sleep to Grow

Definition of LYRICISM
1. the quality or state of being lyric : songfulness
2. a: an intense personal quality expressive of feeling or emotion in an art (as poetry or music)
    b: exuberance

Started off with a word of the day because lyricism is the foundation of all The Belle Game's songs (and I'm tired of seeing the word misused). When you really listen you'll hear an unrestrained joyfulness and that's what makes their music so potent. The Belle Game, a 7 piece band from Vancouver, is one of those indie-folk-rock-orchestral pop type bands that melt my heart. Think Hey Marseilles, Typhoon, Lost in the Trees kind of goodness. Layered instrumentation, musical saws, belting choruses all come together in "Sleep to Grow" and will have you playing the song on repeat if you're anything like me.

"You take a pull of the whiskey, lay your head back and say, “that sounds grand. Where will you take me now?” We’ll find dry land, with more people, we tell you. We’ll set up our instruments, make music and watch you all move to it.We’ll imagine some of you naked and loving it. Then we’ll pile back into our boat and do it all over again. Over and over…Because we love you." (from their website)

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