Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coeur de Pirate - Wicked Games (Weeknd Cover)

Béatrice Martin is Coeur de Pirate of Montreal whose 2008 self-titled debut was widely successful. It came out when I was living in the french speaking part of Switzerland and it was all we heard on the radio and in the shops. We even had to write the lyrics to her songs in french class. I fell for that album and it led me into a world of french pop with which I'm still steadfastly obsessed. While she sings mainly in french she is bilingual and has done some great covers in english in the past.

The most recent cover is the song "Wicked Games" by the highly buzzed about Toronto group, Weeknd. What Coeur de Pirate usually sings is sweet, romantic, and innocent and this song is not at all PG. She simply plays the piano and sings lyrics like "let me motherf*ing love you" and somehow still sounds like her felicitous young self. The effect is not unlike when Anya Marina covered T.I.'s "Whatever you Want". It's easily one of the best covers of the year.

Thanks to Chromewaves for this one. 

If you want to see what she sounds like singing in French, the lovely Wood & Wires filmed her singing at the piano for two songs from her new record, Blonde, which is out today. The songs are "Place de la République" and "Adieu". It's a gorgeous video. 

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  1. Nice remix of Coeur de Pirate: http://vocododo.blogspot.com/2011/11/le-matos-coming-soon.html


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