Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slow Club - Paradise

I'm completely enamored with Slow Club. Even though I gushed about their most recent single, Two Cousins, I feel like I haven't adequately articulated this yet. It was the end of 2009, not very long ago, when I was getting into their music. Their latest album, Paradise, has taken them in a completely different direction and I love both sounds. I don't know how many bands you can say that about. To generalize, they went from twee folk-pop to a raucous indie rock-pop sound in a short two years (sorry for the genre blahs). It's a big change for a fan to hurdle, and it came without a transition EP, but Slow Club makes it easy by doing both so well. Have a listen to the two tracks below and hear the difference for yourself.

Slow Club - If We're Still Alive (from 2011's Paradise)

Watch the video for their single "Where I'm Waking"// Stream the albums on Spotify.

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  1. Their sound is well layered with the additional help of string sections coming through at the right times. It's not the most predictable music and I think that's part of their allure that keeps you coming back for more. The band is touring Europe during the month of November. Find out more on their


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