Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Conflicted Over Carols

It's that time of year where I get conflicted over Christmas carols. We only have 5 more days of listening to them thankfully. But at this point, I wonder if I should continue in my grinch like ways hating the nauseating carols that play in every store, coffee shop, and radio station all month long and placating it with healthy doses of bourbon and anti-christmas songs, or do I dig in to the treasure trove of indie christmas carols that have been plaguing my inbox since December 1st? Due to my conflicted nature, I'm going to give you both. Today just happens to look perfect for the anti-christmas song variety. Tomorrow you'll get the sweeter side. I hope you can handle the bipolar nature of these two lists. But the bottom line is no matter which side you're on the artists and bands behind the songs are awesome and worth your time. Some of these anti-songs you can even listen to after the holiday season. I left out some of the more obvious older ones and went with what was mostly new this year. Also check out last year's very bitter anti-holiday cheer mix here.

Anti - Christmas Songs // Download ZIP
  1. Whale Tooth - Hibernation Song
  2. Typhoon - Merry Xmas Anyways
  3. Artur Dyjecinski - Christmas at Turnagan Pass
  4. Sean Nicholas Savage - Wasted in Snowstorm
  5. Frightened Rabbit - It's Christmas So We'll Stop
  6. Jeremy Lister - Santa's Lost His Mojo
  7. Gruff Rhys - Slashed Wrists This Christmas
  8. Brown Feather Sparrow - December Radio
  9. Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys - Hole in the North Pole
  10. K.S. Rhoads - Why are Mommy and Daddy Fighting on Christmas?
  11. Diamond Rugs - Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant

It wouldn't be an Anti-Christmas list without my all time favorite Christmas song originally by The Pogues...

A few of these songs come from delightful compilations such as the Fuel/Friends December Mix, Ten Out of Tenn Christmas album, and my yearly favorite The Line of Best Fit's Ho Ho Ho Canada. All are free to download and overall less bitter.

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