Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bad Weather California - You're My Friend

Bad Weather California released their second LP last week, appropriately named Sunkissed. It has that California sunshine vibe dripped over it like sweet honey but with a bit of a punk/garagey essence to it. In some instances, it just sounds like a bunch of friends jamming on the beach. It's a nice picture to have painted in your mind as we head out of this winter that's been dreary even despite the mild weather. It's a sweet album that has warmed my heart with just the right mix of pop and garage rock. Obviously I'm struggling to describe what this sounds like, but at least you should know there's a random sax that pops up in a few tunes and it makes everything feel just right. It's a joyous listen start to finish and a welcomed respite from the usual folk and indie rock that rules my headphones. I'm ready for the warm weather and summer jams now. Stream on Bandcamp.

Bad Weather California - You're My Friend
"Just remember what I've always told you, you're not a fuck up, you're my friend."
Bad Weather California - I'll Reach Out My Hand

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