Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jenny Gillespie ft. Sam Amidon - Creature of Our Make

Sam Amidon has long been the source of my pick-me-up music. Just one listen to his album All is Well can turn my entire day around. So when I saw that he collaborated on three songs with the talented Jenny Gillespie, I was positive I was going to like it.

Jenny Gillespie is releasing her EP Belita on April 10th but you can stream it on soundcloud. Here’s the wonderful opening track from the EP, “Creature Of Our Make”, featuring Sam Amidon on backing vocals and violin, and Jim White on drums.

Sam Amidon and Jenny Gillespie formed a correspondence when Amidon was sent this video of Jenny Gillespie covering his song "Saro", the rest is history.

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