Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Back

And I say, with purity and candor, I've missed you.

It didn't hit me until I listened to Cataldo last night, a musician I never would've known about had I not started a music blog, that I really missed this site. I almost posted a blog termination letter in April, and I almost posted a mix in May, but instead I posted nothing (still might post that mix though, can't let that paragraph or mix go to waste). Despite my silence over the past three months, I've been thinking a lot about what to do with this site.

Mostly I thought about shutting it down, but I didn't have the heart. Every once in a while I would catch myself thinking about how much this blog has influenced my life: the friends I have, the people I've met, the places I go, the projects started, the jobs I quit, and the jobs I took. How do you stop doing something that made such a huge impact? I can't, not even now that my other site, Brewery Sessions, has a life of it's own.

I'm not sure how to create the time I need to continue with NMC, but I'm ready to make time for it and that's a big change. I will be writing two to three times a week. Just like before, I'll simply be posting the music I like, nothing more. The time off was refreshing but I've missed it here, really and truly.

These boots are broken in
From always leaving you
This road takes lots of turns
Each one leads me back to you


  1. I pretty much love you. (Also, incredibly stoked to see you back!)

  2. Yes! I was sad when you stopped posting music. The blog has a positive influence on your life but it also does for the people who love it! Welcome back we missed you.


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