Friday, June 15, 2012

Where Summer Begins Mix

A friend told me it wasn't my best mix as we sat on picnic benches, sipping beers, and catching the last glimpses of sun as it set behind the city skyline. It wasn't the first time in recent months that I'd failed to prepare the right songs, in the proper order, to suit an occasion. I used to be good at it, but I lost my mix making mojo and I'm still trying to recover it. It might not be the most 'summer' mix, but for me this is where the Summer of 2012 started, with these songs soundtracking my days and nights for the past six weeks.

Mostly though, this mix is here for the readers who have stuck around. I wouldn't be back here if it weren't for them. Especially the ones who tweeted/emailed/facebooked to ask where I went. I will forever be thanking all of you in mix tape format.


  1. thanks for the great music, missed it the past couple of months, enjoy a cold beer for your good work

  2. This mix is brilliant! Your friend is an idiot. (No offense...) I'm so happy you're back.


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