Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lace Curtains - Bedroom Honesty

Lace Curtains is a side project of the band Harlem's Michael Coomers. "Bedroom Honesty" is off of the debut album, The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness, to be expected in July.
As the story goes, this song 'premiered' through a posting on a Craigslist Casual Encounters board. The subject line was "Bedroom Honesty" and the words in the post were simply "looking for whatever that means to you". You can ponder that all you want, but if this song is what bedroom honesty means to him, well, just listen to the lyrics of the first verse:

"Teeth mark bruise on your arm, 
that's what I gave you. 
No chocolates in a heart, 
just the same old screw.
When you take off your clothes
and realize you have no more secrets,
I hope it's a surprise
That this is as intimate as it gets."
It's honest alright, but man, is it sad. There's no resolve at the end of the song either, it just continues in this fashion. If you were the type of girl that liked to fix guys, the guy in this song could be your number one project.

"Bedroom Honesty" is incredibly catchy despite the lyrics being a major downer. I just head bopped along as it played on repeat no less than 15 times. The best testament to this song might be that I continued bopping along while having uncomfortable flashbacks of the worser moments from past relationships. Well done Lace Curtains, well done.

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