Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bensh - Doubt

Just spent my Saturday morning tuning into The Waiting Room radio show which is broadcasted twice on Houndstooth Radio on Saturdays. I know I've mentioned all this before but I love that it's become a quintessential part of my Saturday mornings. I wake up and plug my phone in to the big speakers even before making coffee. I was a bit late to tune in today but was immediately drawn to the featured band Bensh. When this broadcast is posted make sure to check out the live versions and the interview with the band that was recorded for The Waiting Room.

I highly suggest checking out Bensh you can find them on twitter, facebook, bandcamp, and their site. Enjoy the weekend. And as always thanks to The Waiting Room for helping me perfect my new music O face.


  1. Never heard of these guys but this song is great, I bookmarked it direct to my whyd stream to share!

  2. never really heard this genre before. a bit different from what i usually listen to.


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