Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kevin Hammond - Broken Down

Last Friday night I double-dated with Jack and Rita to go see The Script since they are one of my Dad's favorite bands right now. Kevin Hammond opened the concert and my Mom fell in love with him! He clearly isn't very well-known because he was such an awkward kind of cute on stage while he was introducing his songs. When he sang a couple solos, his bandmates poked their heads out from backstage and took pictures of him. It was really cute. He doesn't have an album yet, only an EP on iTunes, but here's his myspace page.

After the concert my Mom fought through the teenage girls to get a picture with him. NO joke. I was getting my jacket at coat check and asked where Mom Dad points to a crowd and says, "I got her in my vision! She's almost there!". So I scurried over and got a picture of her with him...such a funny/strange moment.

This is his most well-known song. His voice is very Jason Mraz/Matt Nathanson-esque, but I still like it.

Other songs: Maybe, The Way That You Move, Let Her Go

And a cover of Crazy, by Gnarls Barkley for your enjoyment since I'm loving all the covers...

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