Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amie Miriello - Brand New

This is one of those songs that has great rock-out-in-my-car-alone-ability. The car is my shower, what can I say? It is one of those that has a catchy line that I just can't ignore: "when I see you driving in your car looking like a f**ing star won't you give it to me" and then I turn to my left to notice the truck driver laughing at my car-sing-a-long intensity. True story. But whatever.

Amie Miriello is an up and coming artist who released her debut album way back in September of 2008. I have been hoping for new stuff for a while, but for now there are some other good songs like coldfront and I came around worth checking out. She also has some TV placements coming up, although she hasn't announced which shows, maybe you will recognize them when you hear them. (Side note: they took out the bad word in this video making it a few times less fun to sing along with) 

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