Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mason Jennings - I Love You and Buddha too

I actually saw the video I am posting on TV the other day and was reminded of senior spring sitting in my friends' back yard with some beers, Mark playing the guitar and Paul going nuts on the harmonica. I used to sit there/jump on the trampoline for hours, while lots of Mason Jennings was played. Its not just the fond memories of a 70 degree springtime and Sessions (I miss it so much) beer in Denver that make me like Mason Jennings so much, but the unique quality he has in his voice and the variety of his songs. He reminds me a bit of freak-folk artist Devendra Banhart with his funky style and eclectic genre-mixing and Langhorne Slim. From his newer album I like Sunlight and Black Wind Blowing. In the Ever and Boneclouds are my favorite albums. Fighter Girl and Jackson Square are my other favorite songs. In this video he is playing with Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, and G Sauce, and a few others. It looks like an unforgettable concert.  

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