Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Huge 20 song itunes free download from American Songwriter

    This free music download is kinda ridiculous and it made me absurdly happy. Since when does itunes just give away 20 awesome songs for free? This sampler is filled with lots of treasures, and a few you should recognize. Find out which ones you like when you download here. This download is very much recommended by me. You can only download if you use the U.S. itunes, sorry Suisse. 
     Before you get all worried about this download, it is through the itunes store so it is legal and virus free, and if you are one of those who worries about downloading songs you have never heard before, take a chill pill, its called the delete button. Thank the kind people at American Songwriter for gifting this to us. 
     Here is a brief review of a handful of artist from the sampler. We have mentioned Lissie before and it turns out she is getting rave reviews at SXSW right now. The Spoon song is from their new album which everyone is all abuzz about, like Vampire Weekend, I am choosing to ignore that for now. The new Yeasayer album, Odd Blood, is incredible and I am obsessed with it. They are a very cool alternative experimental rock band. Beach House is making waves too but Norway is not a good one to assert your judgement. A.A. Bondy, Matthew Perryman Jones, Charlie Mars, and Corb Lund have been on my list of people to write about just obviously not at the top or I would have gotten to them by now but their songs on this sampler are fantastic and they are very likable bands if you are looking for the indie folk/rock, typical singer/songwriter thing. I have snubbed Matt Morris before but this song almost changed my mind (his tweets were so obnoxious and overly self-promoting that I had to unfollow him). The Ray Wylie Hubbard song is a great americana jam, (pay attention to the lyrics) which just goes to show you the variety of artists this sampler covers, it kind of sums up my itunes library in 20 songs. So basically what I am trying to say is; download this, discover some new music, and enjoy yourself, you just got 20 songs for free!

  • Yeasayer - O.N.E.
  • Allison Moorer - Crows
  • Beach House - Norway
  • The Avett Brothers - Laundry Room
  • The Duke & The King - Union Street
  • Spoon - Written In Reverse
  • Lissie - Little Lovin
  • Corb Lund - Devil’s Best Dress
  • Ray Wylie Hubbard - Drunken Poet’s Dream
  • Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore - Something Somewhere Sometime
  • Matt Morris - The Un-American
  • A.A. Bondy - I Can See The Pines Are Dancing
  • Bahamas - Southern Drawl
  • Charlie Mars - Meet Me By the Backdoor
  • Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ - The Hardest Part
  • Matthew Perryman Jones - Feels Like Letting Go
  • Owen Pallet - Lewis Takes Action
  • Joe Pug - Messenger
  • Lightspeed - Champion Marlene
  • Jeff the Brotherhood - Bone Jam


  1. finally did this and can't stop listening to these songs. how are these completely free?? amazing

  2. I love this play list!!!! Thanks Wailers


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