Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Laurel?! We're Getting Married!" Playlist

One of my oldest and dearest friends and fellow blogger, Jackie, got engaged on the now monumental day of March 12th and I couldn’t control my excitement for her, for them, and for their future. This is my first really good friend to be engaged and I was blown away by how happy her happiness made me, I’m kind of ecstatic and emotional right now so I turned to my music. I have been compiling some lists for friends and engagements/weddings/marriage type things for a while now so this seems like the appropriate time to share the short indie version of this list.In real life I would include a lot more of the obvious songs, but this way it keeps it short and interesting. Enjoy!

This is one of the weirder things I will ever admit to on this site: I have to start it off with one of the five Bruce Springsteen songs I like, mainly because of the Jerry Maguire quotes in it. I have listened to this so many times (mostly in high school) that I subconsciously try to make friends with people named Laurel so that I can one day say (with a perfect Rene Zellweger voice), “Laurel?! We’re getting married!” (2:16 mark) I just love the way she sounds for some reason. I quote this line at the most inappropriate times and no one ever gets the reference, I am awkward like that. So whenever I hear about engagements I automatically think of people saying "Laurel?! We're getting married!" to their sisters. No idea what I am talking about? Watch this video about 50 times and maybe, just maybe, you'll get it...I just really needed to share that. k. thanks.

Jessica's Indie(ish) Congratulations Mixtape...with commentary*
*Guys you have been warned, this is probably a mix that is more for the ladies' taste in music. Sorry.

1. Joshua Radin - Today Ellen Degeneres picked this as her wedding song and it doesn't get much better than this. listen here

2. Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers - Diamond every time my friend Megan hears this she says she wants it to be played at her wedding, good choice. listen here

3. Tristan Prettyman - Simple as it should be in case you are separated by physical distance from the one you love. listen here

4. Ben Taylor - Nothing I can do This song makes you want to be in love, even if your heart is made of stone. listen here.

5. Sleeping At Last - Umbrellas Because everyone needs to be told "you were meant for amazing things" beautiful lyrics. listen here

6. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Hung the Moon I must have listened to this song 10 times before I realized it mentioned a white dress, but I listened to it 10 times because it is just that good, also great simple lyrics. Listen here (you will have to click on the player to get to the song) This is my new favorite song.

7. Brett Dennen - She's Mine this is adorable and I know Jackie will love this one. Listen Here.

8. Ray LaMontagne - You are the Best Thing this song will play at my hypothetical wedding ergo it should play at yours, totally logical. Listen Here. 

9. Sia - Not a Day too Soon sometimes you need perfect timing to make love work. This is also totally a bedroom song in a Sade kind of way Listen Here.

10. Teitur ft. Nolwenn Leroy - One and Only involuntary sighs occur when you listen to this song. Listen here

11. Nicki Bluhm - Danny's Song a decent cover, I just love this song though. Listen here. (this is a link to the original)

12. The Beatles - When I'm Sixty Four of all the Beatles' songs I could have picked I don't know why I settled on this one, just deal with it. Listen here.

13. The Wind Whistles - Ballad of a Jailbreak Wedding because it is the best story of wedding day drama and you just need something silly after all of that emotion! Listen here. Download for FREE their entire awesome and fantastic album here. Best free album download I have ever come across. 

And with that, Congratulations! I am so happy for the both of you times a million!

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