Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jónsi - Go Do

There is not a lot to say about this song, because it speaks for itself. The video is enchanting and haunting and above all it is thoughtful and a thought provoking piece of art. I have been transfixed by it all morning. People who like Sigur Ros, Feist, Iron & Wine, Jem to name a few should appreciate this song. His full length album will be released April 6th, the music world is all abuzz about this. You can learn more about this Icelandic artist on his website http://jonsi.com/ . And for today only you can get Go Do for free from the DownPlayer (told you I loved that place). He also has a great song on the "How to Train your Dragon" soundtrack called Sticks & Stone. I can not embed the youtube video, but in case there are issues with the player below (scroll down until you see the Go Do video) here is the link for the video. Enjoy, and don't forget to download it today!








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