Monday, January 10, 2011

If I had a boat I would sail to you

Maybe it's the build up in the chorus of James Vincent McMorrow's ravishing voice, or the subtle banjo obscured in the background that makes me stop in my tracks whenever I hear this song. It made me think of the summer captured in this picture, before everything started to unravel, when I spent a lot of time on paddle boats at sunset with nothing but the company of friends and bottles of wine and it simultaneously made me feel a familiar pang of sadness for a time, a feeling, and a person that I will never be able to replace.
"If I had a boat, I would sail to you / hold you in my arms, ask you to be true/ Once I had a dream, it died long before/ now I'm pointing north, hoping for the shore"
His voice is a cross between Sean Carey's of Bon Iver and Jose Gonzalez and it might make you want to cry when you hear him sing these lyrics about a love that can't work. I've listened to a lot of this LP titled Early in the Morning on soundcloud, and his other songs are a bit on the happier side but his affecting voice always shines through. I know I will be buying this when it is released on January 25th, there are some seriously good tracks that will keep you coming back. Keep your eye out for this Dubliner. 

A huge thanks to Kyle at Music Savage for this find.

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