Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune

The flannel clad Canadian, with an irresistible boyish smile, played  to about 25 people in Boston nearly a year ago. It was instantly one of the best concerts I saw in 2010 and thinking about it brings a smile to my face, just like his music, which has been in constant rotation. The official announcement of Dan Mangan's third album came today and is set for September 27th via Arts & Crafts. Along with this announcement came this new song which deviates slightly from what we expect from Dan Mangan. It's noisier and is more rock than folk but his voice still cuts through and goes straight to your heart. Mangan himself has said that this album will be "hugely different", from the sound of this first track I have no doubts that he will pull it off magnificently.
"Oh fortune, bring fortune to spare/ Time's passing and we're worsen for wear."
 Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune by killbeat music

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