Wednesday, August 10, 2011

International Waters - 1994

Over the past few years plenty of bands have broken up or called it quits. Of all the bands that have done so, there is only one that I can say I was legitimately sad to hear about: Voxtrot. That music soundtracked hundreds of college memories and their songs are scattered across countless mix CDs I have laying around. Luckily, when young band members move on it often means another band begins. This is the case with International Waters fronted by Mitch Calvert of Voxtrot. Their tag on bandcamp is 'jangle pop' which sounds about right. You can stream the full album on bandcamp. Just don't expect to hear any traces of Voxtrot, this is something much different, full of a matured romanticism that goes heavy on the string arrangements. "Green Lights Forever" is my favorite. Have a look-see, see what you think. Thanks to Eardrums for the heads up on this.

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